Black Men & White Women: What Up?
Copyright © by Dan Schneider, 8/24/03

  As I write Los Angeles Laker & NBA superstar Kobe Bryant stands accused of raping a white teenager in Colorado. Now, I don’t wanna go into the sordid details that have been screamt out by the media for the past month or so. Either KB did it or did not. Much more importantly are 2 facts that have not been addressed: 1) the lesser q- Why is such an obvious blackmail ploy being given such treatment? & 2) the greater q- Why would KB wanna cheat on his drop-dead gorgeous wife?
  Alack, race is the issue in both. Unlike the O.J. Simpson case which was fairly manifest- murder is alot more clear-cut than rape- the Kobe Bryant case is not. It is also alot more directly tied to race & the idea of black male misdeeds around & with white women. From slave days through the Scottsboro boys through Emmett Till through the late 1980s New York City attacks in Gravesend & Howard Beach black men in the USA have basically been subject to a guilty 1st approach whenever they’ve been known to lust for white babes.  In the KB case it seems patently obvious that the accuser (who hides behind anonymity) willingly came to KB’s hotel room & consented to, if not lusted for, sex with the rich & famous young stud. This is a scenario well-known to pro athletes worldwide, yet the callow KB seems to have been oblivious. Much of the accuser’s past suggests she is a self-promoting lunatic. Yet, as she is white, her word is golden- even against the previously virtuous KB’s word. What would KB have gained by forcing himself upon her? What would she have to gain by claiming rape? Him? Zippo- he could have (& probably has) gotten laid at the drop of a hat. She stands to gain by forcing a big $ettlement out of KB to drop the charges against him. This seems a fairly clear-cut case of Occam’s Razor. Does this definitively prove that that’s what happened? No. But what’s more likely? Yet, the media has turned on KB with a vengeance. Instead of the ‘race card’ made popular in the O.J case, this circus turns on the ‘clit card’. Anyone who points out the obvious, as I’ve done, risks being called anti-woman. Who cares if predisposing a jury against another male ‘jig’- albeit a famous 1- is racist? We just cannot have a word said against the wacky & highly motive-worthy ‘victim’. The end result will probably be as I’ve described- he’ll pay her a few million to go away.
  But why was Kobe so stupid as to bed down with her in the 1st place? 1 look at his wife makes it even more perplexing. The nubile 21 year old makes Vanessa Williams look like an old woman- she is drop-dead gorgeous. Why would KB stray? Yes, we know about groupies & the male dominance thing. But I’ve seen photos, albeit blurry, of his accuser & she’s not in a league with KB’s wife. Yet, there is the old truism that black men feel they are ‘trading up’ when they bed or get a white woman in to their lives- even if it means replacing a Halle Berry with a Roseanne Barr!
  How often have you seen a fat white trash woman with a studly black dude? So much so that you definitely understand why black women so resent interracial dating- insofar as the black male-white female pairing goes. In fact, of the few dozen interracial couples I’ve known over the years there is only 1 that I know where the white woman would be considered to be attractive- & that’s my sister-in-law: a petite, cute blond who married 1 of my brothers. In all the rest of the black male-white female pairings the Roseanne Barr Effect dominates. This probably explains why KB- despite having a wife most men (of any background) would love to be returning home to hammer each & every night- decided to stray, & seek out a money-grubbing little whore; assuming he was even bright enough to realize the fact. & even were he it probably would not have been enough to countermand the cultural brainwashing that has gone on, which has led to black men abandoning black women in droves, if not explicitly for white women, then for the vague hope that something better is out there- even if they end up leaving Mrs. Kobe Bryants in the process!
  That all said- if 2 people (even the black male-white female pairing) who love each other, or even merely share a mutual lust, decide to fuck their brains out- Godspeed! My only amazement is how stupid most black males are in this venue. Hopefully the KB mess will raise a little bit of regard in these matters. Word to the creamin’ niggaz: when pale ho’s come a sniffin’, take yo’ time befo’ stiffin’. WORD!

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