Sexual Repression, Violence, & Pedophilia
Copyright © by Dan Schneider, 1/4/04

  Britney Spears has recently been everywhere. This nubile, but talent-challenged, lip-syncher- er, singer (& ex-New Mouseketeer), has made more headlines for a lesbo lip-lock with Madonna, her show of more & more skin on every succeeding magazine cover, & her long list of male companions, than any actual show of talent. Apparently, she is the heir to Julia Roberts’, Princess Diana’s, Jackie Kennedy’s, & Marilyn Monroe’s claims to top pop female icon of the world. According to the media there is no breathing human male that would not leap at the chance to copulate with her. I demur. Don’t get me wrong- were I 15 or 20 years younger I would agree, but she simply does nothing for me. Does she have a nice, tight, sexy body? Yeah, but I say that with my head- not my groin. The woman (girl?) is only 21. She still has baby fat. I simply cannot see her as a potential sex partner- even were I single & she not rich & famous. Part of it has to do with her being an archetypal vapid blond, but even were she very smart I would be hard-pressed to find her ‘sexy’. Again, this is my mind, not groin, speaking.
  If a fairy came to me (& I were single) & said that any nubile 21 year old female desired copulation with me, I would not demur, but the real question is- would I seek it? No. & that’s the point. As I’ve aged I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon- those younger than me (an increasing %)- seem more & more child-like. In my 20s I saw how high schoolers started to look like what I thought elementary schoolers had looked like. Then, as I hit my 30s I started to notice that even college aged babes looked juvenile. It took an extra effort to even see them as desirable. I found my range of desirable mates was from 4-5 years older to 10-12 years younger- & even the outer edges of both were extremes, with 4-5 years younger being the average age of women I dated. Again, I could intellectually think that 21 year old is attractive, but it would not be the instantaneous ‘yeowzah’ I had when younger. & despite the media’s attempt to portray human sexuality to the contrary, most men are more like me. In fact, the idea that most Americans are sexually vigorous is a myth. People will point to the proliferation of online porno sites & the porno biz’s successes over the years- but as someone with a bit more detailed knowledge of that area of life (& years of working in a magazine distributorship which sold alot of porno) I can state unequivocally that it is a very small percentage of Americans (mostly male, with a large % of that being gay) who indulge in porno. It’s just that that small portion is so voluminous in its consumption that it skews the #s. Go to any major city & find a sex shop & you will see that every month it is the same small % of sex addicts that get every new copy of every skin mag, & rent every porno tape over & over. The 10-12 million porno mags that sold monthly before the advent of the Internet were really just the same 1-2 million lonely perverts who would buy magazines over & over. & I use the term pervert merely as a descriptor, not judgmentally.
  In short, as many studies of the last few years have asserted, most Americans’ sex lives are as dull as the rest of their lives. Yes, there is adultery- but that’s usually a product of that very boredom, or poor choices made in mating years earlier. Most folk do the missionary, 2 or 3 times a week- at least long term couples. The idea that all- or most- 50 year old men desire Britney Spears is ludicrous. Are there a few sick old fucks who do, & a smaller # who attempt to do so? Of course. But the idea that the Internet has unleashed a tidal wave of sexual desire is just right wing garbage. Were I 16 or 17 I’d wanna boff Hillary Duff, but at 38 I fantasize of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Minnie Driver- in those increasingly rarer # of times I fantasize at all.
  It’s only because society so ridiculously tries to repress sexuality when it rages in our youth that morons think, like a toothpaste tube, it’s bound to squirt out of us as we near retirement. But, most people pay no heed to others’ attempts to squelch their youthful sex drives, so by the time most of us are 30 we have had our share of the mating game & just want a little routine- for him Monday Night Football, for her office gossip. Are these stereotypes? Yes. But also true for the vast majority of middle-aged folks. Sorry, Bill Bennett- but all your worry is for naught. Yes, there are abusive priests- but is this just not more proof of the futility of sexual repression? Yes, every so often you hear of a Pete Townshend or R. Kelly (musicians) getting in trouble with online porno or underage girls, but for every 1 of them there are 99 guys & 199 women whose sex lives would bore an accountant.
  I’m a libertarian. My approach is simple- legalize everything, as long as no 1 is hurt. This includes drugs, prostitution, porno, etc. Even child porno (which now comes in a child-free type) is basically harmless. Most of the ‘children’ are shaved mid-teenagers, not 5 year olds. If it’s silly to have statutory rape laws that punish a 19 year old guy from boinking his 16 year old sweetheart, it’s just as silly to outlaw child porno on the myth that it’s a gateway activity for possible rape & molestation. The #s, borne out over decades, simply do not support that. Why? Because it’s never been studied. But common sense dictates that like adult porno, child porno is not a threat to society at large. Yes, go after those extreme cases where violence HAS been proved to have been inflicted on the very young, but save the taxpayer $ when it comes to 15 or 16 year old runaways who need to make a quick buck. If society is so concerned then do something about their problems BEFORE they get in the biz. Of course, that might mean taking a deeper, less materialistic approach to life & lives- & that’s more Un-American than Communism! Still the gateway nonsense mirrors the myths spread about marijuana & alcohol leading to harder drug usage- also propagated without any backup data. The truth is that potheads rarely become crackheads. & don’t get me started on the nonsense about porno propagated by Ted Bundy when he finally fried. It’s amazing how much credence was given to this known killer & liar only because 1 of his last manipulations struck a chord with reactionary sexual buffoons.
  I say, let the lonely old perverts have their porno. Yes, slam them down hard if they do step out & commit real abuse in the world- but only then. The vast majority will be plenty satisfied coming over their mousepads- & is that so terrible? Priests, especially, should have free access to all the porno they want- kiddy or scat, whatever. It’s a small price to pay in lieu of lawsuits. Of course, dropping the celibacy nonsense would be best.
  But what of that most dastardly spawn of sexual repression- the serial killer? Yes, there are killers like the Zodiac & the DC Snipers who seemed to have killed for political or power hunger reasons, but most serial killers do so not because they indulged in sex & porno, but were brutally shunted away from their own healthy sexuality in childhood, or loners who could not get laid if their lives depended on it. The list is endless: Ted Bundy, the Hillside Stranglers- Angelo Buono & Kenneth Bianchi, Henry Lee Lucas, Albert De Salvo, Gary Ridgeway, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, & Ed Gein, are the most famous among a multitude of others familiar to even people with no interest in serial killers or true crime.
  Yet, in parts of the world where sexual expression is encouraged- say the chilly climes of Scandinavia, or the tropic zones of the Pacific, sexual violence has always been less- from serial killing to rape to forced incest, by all methods of accounting for such things. & pornography is BIG in Scandinavia! In Polynesia Western explorers were stunned by how often & early pubescents engaged in sex with multiple partners, as well as members of their extended families (by definition ‘incest’- but not really!). This is not just Margaret Mead fantasy time. So what else could account for the fact that America, still bizarrely fascinated by Puritanism, is haven to such a range of violence driven by apparently sexual causes? It would seem repression is the logical answer.
  Serial killers often need ‘cooling off’ periods between victims so they can live & relive the ‘high’ of sexual sadism- apparently because it’s the 1 time they feel fulfilled. This cooling off pattern is known to be a staple of other forms of repression- be it the shy, put upon dweeb who explodes, then introverts more deeply into his shell, or the would-be artist who is denied, then blazes forth with an unbridled streak of creative excellence, only to go through another period of dormancy. But serial killers are not the only manifestation of pent-up sexual rage. The 1966 1 night rampage of spree killer Richard Speck, who killed 8 female nursing students, also was caused by a childhood of sexual repression. He was only the 1st & most famous such killer. The Columbine killings of a few years ago, where 2 outcast & sexually repressed ‘nerds’ went on a rampage is another example, despite efforts to deny the sexually repressive aspects of their crime in favor of more ‘politicized’ versions. Yet all sexually repressed killers display such known behavior patterns as: ritualism, compulsiveness, deceit, histories of serious & escalating violence from inanimate objects to animals to humans, deviant sexualities- including hypersexual fantasies, claimed sexual abuse, & a history of substance abuse.
  Note, that all these traits are also rife in pedophiles at large, & those priests who have been caught abusing children. The phrase ‘Celibacy is the greatest perversion.’ has been attributed to many, but it is nonetheless true. While none of these traits can conclusively point to a possible serial or spree murderer or a pedophile in training, would it not be in the best interests of ‘public safety’ to minimize those things which are direct causes for these traits? Namely the myriad forms of sexual repression. I advocate detailed sexual education from Kindergarten on. This way, by the time kids are able to use all they’ve learned it’ll be just another ho-hum activity. Girls won’t be ostracized for being sluts, & wallflower girls & geeky guys will also get some action, shortcircuiting possible lives of delusion & fantasy, & preventing the needs for later indulgences in sex industries. In short, to prevent prostitution encourage safe & responsible sex in girls & boys who desire it from as early an age as possible. This would also cut down drastically on the spread of VDs, AIDS, & unwanted teenage pregnancies. Not to mention preventing the creation of a stew ripe for the breeding of sadistic monsters bent on making the world pay for their lack of fucking Suzy Rottentwat when they were 15. After all, it’s only human to desire what you do not have. A lack of sex, or even the access to peripherally sexual things like porno naturally lead to the development of fantasies & a disconnect from reality. The more pronounced the censure the more likely the development of outrageous fetishes, obsessions, & violent reactions at failing to attain these successive levels of sexual desire.
  The old canard is about the boy being the father of the man. I’d phrase Schneider’s Corollary as ‘Show me a boy encouraged to look at porno & get laid as young as possible, & I’ll show you a middle-aged man content with his remote control & sex twice a month.’ When 1 realizes that even WITH all the sexual repression that goes around in our infantilized nation most middle-aged American men ARE perfectly content with their remotes & twice monthly sex ration, it bears quite a testament to the hohumness of most human sexual drives! & that includes most American men over 30 not fingerdancing down their pants over Britney Spears’ latest fleshly gyrations!


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