Feminist Myths & Fallacies About Sex
Copyright © by Dan Schneider, 12/7/02 

  Imagine running in to an Anabaptist to who started spieling to you about quantum physics & his plan to build an interstellar starship so that his kind could migrate to a relatively nearby planet & once & all be rid of the bullshit that accompanies modern society. You’d be a little perplexed, wouldn’t you? I mean, 1st off- how could such a person, prohibited by his faith, ever have gotten the knowledge to even mildly discourse on the subject, much less speculate on it? 2ndly you’d ponder where & how he would get the materiel to bring fruition to his dream? & what kind of funding would he have secured- & how? Lastly you might wonder why this person would basically accept all these contradictions merely to go to a planet & abandon all of what got him & his kind to their version of Nirvana? &- after having seen the cosmos- what would make him think he (or the others) would wanna stay down on this virgin planetary farm?
  Well, this is a bit of what runs through my head whenever I hear women- especially of the feminazi ilk- discourse on RAPE; at least from anything other than the victim’s POV. Yes, I know Andrea Dworkin is a classic case of penis envy- but her aside, what the hell could any woman possibly know about the causes or motives of rape. As women often, & rightly, tell men: when you can get pregnant then you can have a say in the abortion issue, I turn that around & say: Ladies, when you get a hard cock over every little fine piece of feminine ass strolling by, then you’ll have a valid opinion on rape. Till then, shut up! & don’t give me this BS about having interviewed rapists in a scientific fashion, & it all being about power & control. Here’s a secret- they’re telling you exactly what you- & your naïve eggheaded left wing cronies- want to hear, so that you can blame rape on some bad socio-economic policy- i.e.- it’s society’s fault that a rapist is a rapist, not the rapist’s fault!
  Rape has always been classified as a sex crime for a very good reason- that’s what it is & about. Are there some underlying reasons which include power & control? Sure, as well assorted other psychoses individual to any particular rapist. But there is only 1 reason that is present in EVERY case of rape: sex. Here’s a very overlooked reason for some rapes: sexual repression. Case in point: I’m a fairly typical American heterosexual male. I find a good percentage of the female population around my age, or younger, fairly attractive- certainly enough to have sex with. 1) for sheer pleasure- sexual & aesthetic. I love legs & feminine curves. 2) for possible mating. If I could have my way every female that I find sexually attractive would reciprocate & ask me to copulate with her. & I would. [Important note- in this hypothetical I am single, healthy, unattached, & I & my sex partners make sure to minimize chances of contraception.] Why? Because here’s a fact that few women realize yet all men know, although few might admit for fear of being considered immoral or deviant: the fact? In the 1st 2 milliseconds of a man’s meeting a woman he is attracted enough to consider a potential sex partner (&, in fact, often this includes those females he DOES NOT immediately find sexually attractive) there are 2 thoughts that go through a man’s mind: 1) What does she look like naked? & 2) What is she like in bed? DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY MAN WHO TRIES TO DENY THIS FACT BECAUSE HE WILL BE LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH! There are no exceptions.
  So what does this have to do with rape? Well, men who are comfortable with this fact, at least to themselves, will go through the 2 steps & then be able to deal with the woman they secretly want to fuck the shit out of as an equal. However, those idiots that do not carry fear, guilt, & resentments, which- in a small percentage of unstable kooks can build up in the pressure cooker of their skull & explode- the act is violent, but the expression is of sexual passion, & the reason is repression brought on by immaturity, or other such factors as religious ideas or political correctness. So, we see that the feminists have misconstrued the act for the reason. Yet, this is a small minority of rapes out there.
  The majority of rapists that I have known (including pedophiles, gay & not) fit under a different heading. They simply have such large egos that they feel it is their divine right to impose their will on others- females & children for sex, men in business, etc. Violence is, again, a tool- not a reason. Let’s also tackle the pink elephant in the room. Much has been made of the rising rates of rape- but this is in the rising reportage of alleged rapes, not a per capita increase. 1 need only look to the poorer sections of society to see where sex crimes have inbred generations of people. The pachyderm is the fact that a large portion of reported & so-called rapes, especially those without any physical evidence of violence, are simply not rapes. A woman has sex with a guy, feels cheap afterward (especially if he dumps her), & decides that if, say, she had a little too much to drink, the guy MUST HAVE forced himself on her. As if the guy, often more plastered than the woman, & often suffering from erectile difficulties from his imbibing, cannot be give the same issuance of ‘temporary foolishness’ that the woman so desperately craves. Add in many of the so-called statutory rapes out there & the ‘violence’ aspect of rape is in severe trouble- at least in the majority of rapes. Now, I’m not proposing a sweeping overall theory her, just that conventional [read- feminist] thought is all ballocksed up. Men certainly are responsible for their actions, & as such are the best sources for why rape occurs. BUT, not after they’ve been caught, caged, & learned how to manipulate the naïve-te of do-gooding shrinks. That’s like asking a zookeeper to tell you what a lion or tiger is really like in the jungle- they’ll only spout what they’ve read. Ask a guy who has run with the cats- say, like me.
  My blood-brother, when I was in a teenage gang, was a kid who was a pimp, drug dealer, wannabe arms dealer, extortionist, rapist, attempted murderer, & probable murderer. I knew little of his past, save for that I could glean from him & his sister. But I knew how he would react to any given situation. Was he driven by anger? To some extent. But also by an incredibly overactive & voracious libido. I would guess he had testosterone levels that were through the roof. He loved sex & violence, in alternating order, depending on the situation. That was his life. I also knew others in the gang who had similar, albeit, lesser tendencies. I’ve also known many other males who have regularly confided in me of their sex lives- real & fantasy. Most are dull as shit. Most would never even think of rape in a million years. But the portion I would term as potential rapists are so overloaded with sexual ideas they just seek release. They would normally be termed sex addicts, except that they don’t stop when told no. Again, this is not a formal proposal on all the myriad forms of rape, & their causes, just a definitive rebuttal of the ludicrous notion that power & anger are greater reasons for rape than sexuality is.
  Let me turn to another feminist bête noír: sexual harassment. Yes, there have always been letches out there. But, in today’s society harassment, sexual or otherwise, has far more to do with power & control by women & the aggrieved, than rape ever has. As I’ve said, men have 2 basic reactions to seeing an attractive woman: 1) naked beauty & 2) bed skills. & there are women who know this, & exploit this. There is nothing more powerful on this planet than a beautiful woman who knows how to use every ounce of her sexuality to control slavering men. These are the women who know what their assets are & highlight them. A well-bosomed babe who wears plunging necklines; a long-legged beauty who wears fishnets, heels, & miniskirts, a goddess who wears painted on apparel, etc. These women know full well that their choice of attire is designed to attract male attention, yet often they will complain if an eye lingers to long or purposefully. Why? It’s part of the game they believe is innate to the mating ritual. But, now, with legal weight on their side, it is often too tempting to not try to wield power in its historically opposite direction. But, they are not really offended, & those that are have chose to be offended, either because of buying in to some religious or political belief, not being too bright, or lack of self esteem. Here’s a fact: the offended always chooses to be offended. Ideas do not draw physical reactions like a foul stench. Yet, there is no right to not be offended- if there were every other ‘right’ (yes, these are man-made fictions!) would soon be bulldozed under. Sexual harassment is when repeatedly solicited & rejected invitations are not ceased, or when wandering hands (or other body parts) violate someone’s space. All other claims of harassment are fundamentally subjective & involve arbitrary assessments of blame & the necessary choosing of sides to declare 1 person’s perception of malign intent outweighs another person’s actual actions. This is a very dangerous road to take because it necessarily involves censuring ‘supposed’ thoughts & motives, rather than dealing with the real world.
  Then, who ever said feminists still had their dainty little tootsies planted on terra firma? These are just some plain truths that I am telling you. If you are a man you are agreeing with me (inwardly, if not afforded the ability to do so publicly), & if you are a woman this may surprise you. But rape & harassment are far more complex subjects than the simplemindedness propagated by the feminazis- &, in a twist of justice- it’s ironic, because the feminists were so outraged, a few decades ago, with the similarly super-simplistic Freudian approach. In short, sift through a 1000 cases of supposed rape & 1000 cases of claimed sexual harassment & you are likely to find just as many reasons behind them. But, since you cannot condense that on to a bumper sticker, expect more of the same old same old self-defeating & logically absurd claims about rape & harassment being hurled by those who’ve never felt the joy of a boner- nor its dilemma.

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