Facilitators of Evil: The Legacies of Mother Teresa & Elie Wiesel
Copyright © by Dan Schneider, 12/25/02

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  Pop culture almost always does a horrid job of truly explicating the deeper meanings behind things. Too often things & people are thrown up as good or bad, & no real explanations follow. For instance, a Genghis Khan is almost synonymous with wholesale & wanton slaughter- yet the man was probably THE single most important human being of the last 1000 years. Trust me, I shall opine in that vein in a later essay. Similarly, a William Shakespeare is decried a near-deific genius & no real inquiry actually plumbs that assertion’s truth. Oddly, pop culture seems to care whether he was gay, or was himself, more than whether he was the flawless writer of legend. Even more modern icons suffer from the same fate: Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy, & Osama bin Laden are now synonymous with evil & different forms of mass murder, Richard Nixon with deceit, Julia Roberts with All-American womanhood, Margaret Thatcher with frigidity, James Dean with Bad Boyhood, J.R.R. Tolkien with fantastical imagination, & on & on.
  The 2 titular people named in this essay have similar tags around their toes, which- despite massive & growing evidence to the contrary- label them as heroes to the oppressed & downtrodden, beloved by Leftists & Rightists alike, people who sacrificed much & have perdured privations we layety can barely imagine. The dead Mother Teresa (hereafter not so affectionately known as Mama T- or MT) & Elie Wiesel- whose last name seems somehow apropos (known as EW)- have been accorded secular sainthood (& for MT actual sainthood looms) for ‘supposed’ acts of beneficence which really- upon inspection- seem to be very shadowy things. Unfortunately, any criticism of this duo immediately launches cries of ‘Catholic bashing’ or ‘Anti-Semitism’. As for the former, given the current state of the pedophile-infested Roman Catholic Church, it seems that a little bashing is in order, while the latter has been used as a smoke-screen to hide all # of Israeli atrocities over the last ½ century. Online, however, those sites that furnish the less than savory aspects of this duo do tend to fall in to the categories of sensationalism & Anti-Semitic neo-Nazi & fanatic Islamic sites. Nonetheless, however distorted & overreaching some claims are they do not negate the baseline truths that they spring from. The general thesis of this essay is that Mama T & ‘The Weasel’ have done far more harm in their lives than good- despite, perhaps, both of them starting out with the noblest of intentions. But since we all know where intent can lead….let’s take them on 1 at a time.

Mama T

  Hagiographers would have us swallow MT’s biography without a thought:

  Born in 1910, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu from a rich & powerful Skopje, Macedonian family living in Kosovo, took a vow of poverty, became a nun & moved to Calcutta, India in 1929 as a sister of the Order of Loreto- later the Missionaries of Charity. There she nursed & fed the dying & indigent. In 1997, luminaries from all over the world assembled at her Calcutta funeral for a woman who founded the most successful order in the history of the Roman Catholic church, received the Nobel Peace Prize.


  Yet, a certain teenaged boy knew alot better than conventional wisdom. Back in the late 1970s I recall watching a PBS documentary on the Spanish language channel. It documented Mama T’s trip to Central America after the terrible earthquake that devastated either Guatemala or Nicaragua- I believe the latter. While pretty much a standard doc there was 1 thing which burned itself in to my mind- a scene where Mama T was in an Indian hospital. She, literally, had some pieces of plain bread that she teased the bloated bellies of starving children with. However, she did not feed all the children- only those who would recite Catholic vespers with her. Those Hindu & Moslem children who refused were not given any bread. Yes, Mama T- almost surreally- would not feed those children who would not prostitute the beliefs of their conscience. This was where I 1st learned- visually & viscerally- why Missionism & proselytizing were so fundamentally wrong. What is incredible, to me, was how this documentary has apparently fallen to the nether-regions of public consciousness. A few months later, Mama T won her Nobel Peace Prize.
  Certainly, I thought, anyone who saw that film would have to be in disbelief, but even without that knowledge, & even if 1 bought in to her life’s trail of bullshit- what the hell did any of this have to do with ‘Peace’? Recently I have become involved with a local theology group & no one has dared to take on my queries in this vein, save for 1 simpleton who refuses to acknowledge Mama T’s dark nature- despite the reams of evidence against her mythos.
  The chief assassin of MT’s false face has been contentious British journalist Christopher Hitchens, whose books, essays, articles, & public speeches have routinely skewered the woman he famously called ‘The Ghoul of Calcutta’. 1 of his well-known attacks starts by quoting from a famed George Orwell quip: ‘Saints, should always be judged guilty until they are proven innocent.’ CH laments that MT has gotten the near reverse of this. He also points out that MT’s life was judged so favorably by assertions, not real actions. Mama T was seen as selfless, & dedicated to the lowest & most helpless in society. Yet, a closer scrutiny revealed many shocking examples of depravity that rival or surpass that of the sicko who refused food to starving children of a differing religion:

+++Her despicable anti-abortionism, misogyny & fanaticism. MT believed all humans are despicable at birth, & only those true-believing Catholics are saved. She believed the suffering of the poor was a gift from God- 1 she refused to partake in. Joy was sinful- stoicism was divine. She felt only Catholic faith could save the soul- she cared little of material suffering- it led to greater wisdom- which she, again, did not partake in. She stumped for conservative Catholic forces in Latin America & Europe, despite the wanton mass murder which often accompanied it- after all, what’s a life when divine salvation awaits? She opposed any contraception, winked & nodded in silence at the terrorist tactics of the U.S.’s fanatical anti-abortion movement. She equated abortion with Nazism. Mama T also often chided the modern Feminist movement as disturbing the natural order of the world- i.e.- let the men lead.
+++Her defense of Ireland’s ban on divorce- thus consigning many women in bad marriages to further depravities. Not to mention that it doomed the Protestant minority to live under a virtual theocracy which would only heighten hatreds. This was especially galling when, a few months after the vote, Mama T hypocritically came out in support of Princess Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles, stating ‘It is a good thing that it is over. Nobody was happy anyhow.’ Did she do so because they were Anglicans, thereby- like the starving children, not worthy of her attention? Or did she claim that the layety must follow her oppressive dictates, while the royalty could do what they will? Or was this just another display of her desire for celebrity, money, & power, above all else? This fact, CH laments, is typical of the media’s need to have a contemporary Saint.
+++Mama T’s lifelong desire to hobnob with the rich, famous, & powerful, all the while claiming to have forsaken such in deference to serving the poor. In 1981 MT went to Haiti to kiss Baby Doc Duvalier’s mass-murdering black ass. Ostensibly she was to receive a medal of honor, but it was really about Baby Doc’s needing to quell a growing revolutionary movement. Of course, Mama T & her Order were well-compensated for their prostitution. Oh, yeah, & not a peep was made of the tens of 1000s of people the Duvalier family had tortured, murdered, & imprisoned over their decades in power. 9 years later, MT laid a wreath on the grave of Albania’s brutal dictator Enver Hoxha, & claimed a special place in Heaven for him. A few years earlier, when the equally repugnant U.S. President Ronald Reagan laid a wreath on the German grave of a Nazi soldier, he was rebuked by the world press. Mama T? She’s a fuckin’ saint! ***Silence reigneth!***
+++Mama T’s shady finances & the myth of her ‘poverty’. The most celebrated of her benefactors was American scam artist & banking fraud Charles Keating, whose S&L racketeers had ripped off the American public of billions, & to which he himself had pocketed about a quarter billion. His tie to Mama T? They both loathed abortion & pornography, & in a sick quid pro quo MT’s order found itself over a million dollars richer, plus they had the use of CK’s private jet for world tours. Unsurprisingly, the judge who sentenced CK got a glowing note praising CK’s character. When the judge (the bumbling Judge Lance Ito of the O.J. Simpson trial infamy) & prosecutor wrote back & asked Mama T to return the stolen funds CK donated, well- ***Silence reigneth!*** Of course, this was Standard Operating Procedure for MT & the Vatican has stalled for years on opening Mama T’s Order’s books. Her Nobel Prize, her contributors, & her ceaseless shilling for $ are estimated to have brought her order & the Catholic Church nearly 1½ billion dollars over the decades- but where did it go? Doubtless, some has ended up paying off priestly pedophilia victims- but the rest? A large portion also had to be allotted for her zealous Catholic Conversion Crusade. Then, again, the Catholic Church has been the friend of the rich & powerful for centuries- all at the expense of the common folk.
+++The appalling conditions of healthcare provided by MT & her minions. Doctors unattached to MT spoke out against the lack of modern medical procedures- often done without anesthesia or pain killers, dirty needles being recycled after a quick wash in stale water bowls- if at all, & MT’s acolytes seeming to find a contented bliss knowing so many of their victims- er, patients- would soon be meeting their God.
+++Her damning of the Global Zero Growth population causes. Quoth MT, ‘There can no more be too many babies than there can be too many flowers or stars.’ Of course, the more starving & miserable children in the world, the more her coffers would flow & her reputation soar.
+++Her winning of the Nobel Peace Prize despite her doing absolutely nothing to advance peace, & alot to support dictators & wealthy contributing frauds worldwide.

  CH, & other detractors, have posited that more Progressive forces in the West have overlooked her Neandertalic views because they saw her as easing their consciences of the exploitive practices of their Corporate Masters. In 1996, the U.S. Congress even made Mama T an honorary American Citizen. With such psychic largess being doled no wonder few journalists are willing to stake their careers on detailing MT’s evils. CH does, however, give the devil her due by stating that it was not as if Mama T hid her evils, more so that her shills refused to see them. He describes his lone encounter with her this way:

 As the tour was concluding she suddenly gestured with her arm and said, ‘You see? This is how we combat abortion and contraception in Bengal.’ This admission, that the purpose of her operation is propagandistic rather than strictly humanitarian, was an honest one. Mother Teresa, as far as I am aware, never made any attempt to conceal her extremely dogmatic and conservative agenda. Nor was she ever shy about her choice of rich, unscrupulous, authoritarian patrons. Some of her more awe-struck apologists argue that Jesus, too, was criticized for keeping bad company. Still, I do not recall him ever doing anything like kissing the feet of the Duvaliers.  

  CH met MT while filming a documentary for British TV on another cult in India. Here is where he saw MT’s propaganda machine in full gear- he had perceived of Calcutta as little more than Hell on Earth. To his surprise CH admitted: ‘Nothing could be further from the truth. Calcutta is one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world. It’s full of film schools, universities, bookstores and cafés. It has a tremendously vibrant political life. It’s the place that produced the films of Satyajit Ray. It’s a wonderful city. It's architecturally beautiful. And the people do not beg. They’re not abject. They’re very poor; some sleep on the street, but they’re usually working and hustling at something. They don’t grovel, as in some parts of India I must say they do.’ He also saw that while it has its underclass, by a percentage basis it was no worse off than any other large cosmopolitan city worldwide. Having grown up in what some have described a slum, myself, I have a great empathy toward the downtrodden, yet CH also found that Calcutta was basically a secular city whose reputation was sullied by MT’s profanations. This is what spurred him to investigate her real life vs. her reputed life. This led to a scathing article published in The Nation, which- in turn- led to a later documentary- Hell’s Angel: Mother Teresa of Calcutta- solely on MT’s ‘crimes against humanity’ as CH calls it. The film, like his articles & books, received scathing condemnations- albeit, NEVER was he taken to task for reporting falsehoods. Unlike many other people who deflate legends, CH was not accused of slander, merely petulance & disrespect for an icon. He also detailed her reactionary political activities with the Spanish right wing against the anti-Franco forces who sought secularism in post-Franco Spain, support for Stalinist orphanages in the Warsaw Pact nations, as well her visits to Nicaragua & Guatemala to whitewash atrocities by their military regimes, & her fundraising for religious fanatics in Greece & Yugoslavia. But CH is not alone in his condemnation of MT, although the only visible effect it seemed to have on MT was that she did less interviews, & got her brainwashed nuns to lie for her.
  But not all nuns are so willing to swallow the Vatican’s propaganda poison on Mama T. 1 ex-nun- a Susan Shields, who served in the Bronx, New York’s Holy Ghost House- penned an interesting essay called ‘Mother Teresa's House of Illusions: How She Harmed Her Helpers As Well As Those They Helped” for Free Inquiry magazine. Her disillusionment stems from 3 basic tenets of MT: 1) the belief that as long as a sister obeys she is doing God's will. 2) the belief that the sisters have leverage over God by choosing to suffer. & 3) the belief that any attachment to human beings, even the poor being served, interferes with God’s love. These 3 things are necessary parts of the brainwashing needed to carry out Mama T’s sinistry, because: ‘Once a sister has accepted these fallacies she will do almost anything. She can allow her health to be destroyed, neglect those she vowed to serve, and switch off her feelings and independent thought. She can turn a blind eye to suffering, inform on her fellow sisters, tell lies with ease, and ignore public laws and regulations.’ SS describes MT’s followers as physically & spiritually broken zombies- thus why she left in 1989. SS also describes MT’s rich coffers & hidden high living. So efficient was MT’s money machine that SS richly describes it in these terms: ‘As a Missionary of Charity, I was assigned to record donations and write the thank-you letters. The money arrived at a frantic rate. The mail carrier often delivered the letters in sacks. We wrote receipts for checks of $50,000 and more on a regular basis. Sometimes a donor would call up and ask if we had received his check, expecting us to remember it readily because it was so large. How could we say that we could not recall it because we had received so many that were even larger?’ SS describes a scene where a rich harvest 1 year allowed the Roman convent of the M of C to can the overage of the tomato harvest to be canned & shipped to poorer countries. Mama T kiboshed that plan by stating it showed lack of trust in Divine Providence. SS echoes CH’s claims in a shocking way, in 1 of the centers of the world’s AIDS crisis: ‘In Haiti, to keep the spirit of poverty, the sisters reused needles until they became blunt. Seeing the pain caused by the blunt needles, some of the volunteers offered to procure more needles, but the sisters refused.’ SS sickened of the duplicity MT used to persuade others to donate food, time, clothing, & services from people & merchants who barely could make their own way through the world, while her Order could have easily paid for these things from just the interest earned from the millions in MT’s coffers. SS’s beak with MT came over a simple conundrum: ‘I shelved my objections and hoped that one day I would understand why Mother wanted to gather so much money, when she herself had taught us that even storing tomato sauce showed lack of trust in Divine Providence.’ Use their millions to feed the starving? Waste. Use their millions to fund Missions & promote misogyny & dictatorhips? God’s blessing. By then SS had decided that MT was more concerned with winning souls than helping lives. AS CH noted, MT never denied this. From her own lips: ‘There are a lot of institutions caring for sick. We do not want to be one among them. We are not one or another organization of social service. We have to be more, to give more, we have to give ourselves. We have to bring Gods' love to the people by our service. And the poor people have thought us what it really means to love and to serve God - although our full understanding will only come after we died.This is the fundamentally evil credo of a missionary- &, not coincidentally, of a religious terrorist!
  Others have labeled Mama T evil. An article called ‘Why Mother Teresa Was Evil’ by a Sarah Lawrence makes that claim. SL adds this claim to the list of MT’s evils: A woman’s highest virtue was to do her duty to the church and her husband - to be a "good" wife and mother and to serve the Catholic church.’ SL echoes SS’s sentiments that the M of C nuns were virtual slaves- in a psychological sense. They had nothing in this life, & at least Mama T offered something in a future life. SL tells of another dark chapter in MT’s unremitting wickedry: ‘An English nurse actually left after Mother Teresa had refused to help a child who would certainly have lived had he had a course of antibiotics. Her response was that it was irrelevant because he was going to meet God anyway! She wasn't interested in the living or potentially living, only the dying, and she was only interested in the dying for her own selfish pleasure in getting off on playing the ministering angel. She wasn't interested in helping them to get better, only to save their souls.’ That Mama T left millions in her coffers to fund her political campaigns against women’s rights, while those she claimed to minister actually got worse, is excoriated on its own demerits, yet 2bly so when in ‘her own case, when she got sick, she took herself straight to the best heart specialist in New York. There is nothing wrong with that! It was right for her to spend that money on curing herself, but it was wrong of her not to find a few dollars for a course of antibiotics to save a sick child with whom she had developed a relationship.’ She even compares Mama T to those ‘Angels of Death’ we’ve read of- health care workers who get off on playing hero by saving people they deliberately make sick, with sometimes fatal results: ‘The only difference between this evil and that of Mother T is that she never had to take any murderous actions because there was a steady supply of dying people, it being Calcutta.’ Another detractor, Dr. Robin Fox, editor of a prestigious medical magazine called Lancet, visited Mama T’s Calcutta operation in 1994 & published his findings. He expected to be impressed, but left stunned, & decried it: ‘Finally, how competent are the sisters at managing pain? On a short visit, I could not judge the power of their spiritual approach, but I was disturbed to learn that the formulary includes no strong analgesics. Along with the neglect of diagnosis, the lack of good analgesia marks Mother Teresa’s approach as clearly separate from the hospice movement.  I know which I prefer.’ Dr. Fox detailed horrid practices that were ignored by the mainstream media (another hint that the media is not ‘liberal’ but controlled by the most conservative of interests. Although most field reporters are liberal, their editors & publishers are not- think slaves & owners for a comparison), such as TB patients not being isolated, syringes washed in lukewarm water, if at all, before being used again. He detailed patients in pain being refused painkillers on principle- not because they were unavailable. The ghastly Mama T’s retort to such sadism?: ‘The most beautiful gift for a person is that he can participate in the suffering of Christ.’ Dr. Fox also told how MT once tried to comfort a dying man by stating, ‘You are suffering, that means Jesus is kissing you.’ The man screamt out: ‘Then tell your Jesus to stop kissing me.’ But Fox was not the only physician to damn the sick practices of Mama T. A British doctor, Jack Preger, who worked in a hospice said, ‘If one wants to give love, understanding and care, one uses sterile needles. This is probably the richest order in the world. Many of the dying there do not have to be dying in a strictly medical sense.’ If this sounds a bit like a perverse antithesis to the callusness of American HMOs, well, this was no surprise to SL, who compares the M of C to a corporation- & the side-by-side is an apt 1. But she’s not alone in such an accusation- read further.
  I’ve often been struck by how Mama T gloried poverty. As 1 who comes from not such a little bit of that I know that the only folk who see anything good in poverty are those who never fully understand it- or, at least, truly felt it. You never hear kids from the ghettos talkin’ about how great it was back in the day! But it’s just Mama T’s plain stupidity that’s the most obvious thing that should turn intelligent people off to her, even if they wanna ignore the assorted foul deeds previously detailed, & 100s of others you can find in 1000s of online pieces. As example, in 1995, at a Clinton-Gore fundraiser she condemned birth control, yet added, ‘I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion.’ She stated the same thing in her 1979 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. She was a fanatic, but a consistent 1! Mama T gloried in her ability to politicize the secular. She wanted everyone to be a servile Roman Catholic. Defenders say her statements at the Nobel ceremonies, & the Clinton-Gore rally prove her courage- yet where was that courage in Haiti- a country that truly makes India seem wealthy by comparison? Simple, she was always willing to whore her principles for pelf. Clinton’s backers only wanted her ‘presence’; the Duvaliers of the world made her pocket book ‘ka-ching’. There is no courage that is true that has a price on its essence! While quibbles remain over the total amounts her Order collected through the decades, on her death Mama T’s private Indian bank accounts (not those of her Order) were reputed to be in excess of $40 million. Mama T, instead of being a reliever of pain, seemed to be the living symbol of the global caste mentality that constantly urges people to not agitate against those in power; to be silent & obedient. That this went on in Mahatma Gandhi’s homeland is a cruel irony, indeed.
  Yet, Mama T was also adept at commercializing her image for $- British media baron, & presumed spy, Robert Maxwell used her image for a fundraising campaign, & both pocketed millions from the money that was raised. She also posed with a California cult leader who used the photo to raise $ & recruits. Shot in his studio, the image was later doctored so poor Calcuttan kids could be inserted in. But she did it so she could help the poor! Yet, we now know that lie for what it is. Money also bought her silence during the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal. MT urged forgiveness even as the company made lavishly generous donations to her M of C Order. She, predictably, said nothing about preventing such disasters from happening again, or about Union Carbide making restitution to the dying- after all, just more sufferers to advertise the faith with. It seems that along with kissing dictators’ feet she would often suck in other bodily parts.
  Yet, after her death, even more Conservative folk started to look more deeply. On the 1st anniversary of MT’s death, leading German tabloid, Stern, took Mama T to task in an article by Walter Wuellenweber called ‘Mother Teresa: Where Are Her Millions?’ This piece detailed how the M of C stoked their Mama’s rep to overflow their coffers even more. He gives examples of poor folk who subsist via an American Charity called the Assembly Of God. As for the M of C? 1 man, Samity, said: ‘Mother Teresa? We have not received anything from her here. Ask in the slums- who has received anything from the sisters here- you will find hardly anybody.’ Another man is quoted in this manner:

  Pannalal Manik also has doubts. ‘I don't understand why you educated people in the West have made this woman into such a goddess!’ Manik was born some 56 years ago in the Rambagan slum, which at about 300 years of age, is Calcutta's oldest. What Manik has achieved, can well be called a miracle. He has built 16 apartment buildings in the midst of the slum -- living space for 4000 people. Money for the building materials- equivalent to DM 10000 per apartment building- was begged for by Manik from the Ramakrishna Mission [a Indian/Hindu charity], the largest assistance-organisation in India. The slum-dwellers built the buildings themselves. It has become a model for the whole of India. But what about Mother Teresa? ‘I went to her place 3 times," said Manik. "She did not even listen to what I had to say. Everyone on earth knows that the sisters have a lot of money. But no one knows what they do with it!’


  The resentments WW found are detailed. A doctor says: ‘No matter where I search, I only find lies. For example the lies about schools. Mother T has often stated that she runs a school in Calcutta for more than 5000 children. 5000 children!- that would have to be a huge school, one of the biggest in all of India. But where is this school? I have never found it, nor do I know anybody who has seen it!.’ Stern details that Germany, alone, gave the M of C over $3 million per annum. Stern even contacted Susan Shields, who recapped her previous claims & detailed the Bronx, alone, brought in $50 million 1 year. The tabloid conservatively estimated an annual 1990s income of the M of C exceeding $100 million. Yet, still Mama T cried poverty. From Stern:


  Mother Teresa saw it as as her God given right never to have to pay anyone for anything. Once she bought food for her nuns in London for GB£500. When she was told she'd have to pay at the till, the diminutive seemingly harmless nun showed her Balkan temper and shouted, ‘This is for the work of God!’ She raged so loud and so long that eventually a businessman waiting in the queue paid up on her behalf.


  Yet, even more disturbing is how Mama T seemingly ran her M of C Order like- not just a cult- but a corporate franchise business- no doubt with alot of advice from her many wealthy robber baron patrons. More from Stern:


England is one of the few countries where the sisters allow the authorities at least a quick glance at their accounts. Here the order took in DM5.3 million in 1991. And expenses (including charitable expenses)? -- around DM360,000 or less than 7%. Whatever happened to the rest of the money? Sister Teresina, the head for England, defensively states, ‘Sorry we can't tell you that.’ Every year, according to the returns filed with the British authorities, a portion of the fortune is sent to accounts of the order in other countries. How much to which countries is not declared. One of the recipients is however, always Rome. The fortune of this famous charitable organisation is controlled from Rome, -- from an account at the Vatican bank. And what happens with monies at the Vatican Bank is so secret that even God is not allowed to know about it. One thing is sure however -- Mother's outlets in poor countries do not benefit from largesse of the rich countries. The official biographer of Mother Teresa, Kathryn Spink, writes, ‘As soon as the sisters became established in a certain country, Mother normally withdrew all financial support.’ Branches in very needy countries therefore only receive start-up assistance. Most of the money remains in the Vatican Bank.


  This McMissionary zeal, with its franchise McMama’s, was noted not so much for outright scamming, but for hording the riches for unknown purposes. Susan Shields said: The money was not misused, but the largest part of it wasn't used at all. When there was a famine in Ethiopia, many cheques arrived marked 'for the hungry in Ethiopia'. Once I asked the sister who was in charge of accounts if I should add up all those very many cheques and send the total to Ethiopia. The sister answered, 'No, we don't send money to Africa.' But I continued to make receipts to the donors, 'For Ethiopia'. We were always told, the fact that we receive more than other orders, shows that God loves Mother Teresa more.’ Other ex-nuns of the Order detailed a growing senility & irrationality in MT’s decision-making process:


Mother Teresa decisions from year to year became even more bizarre. Once, says Susan Shields, the order bought an empty building from the City of New York in order to look after AIDS patients. Purchase price: 1 dollar. But since handicapped people would also be using the house, NY City management insisted on the installation of a lift (elevator). The offer of the lift was declined: to Mother they were a sign of wealth. Finally the nuns gave the building back to the City of New York.


  Stern’s investigation rightly concluded that Mama T’s ‘business’ was helping the greedy rich cleanse their consciences with donations that did nothing but line the M of C’s, & the Vatican’s, pockets. Stern ended their investigation with this damning indictment:


  Mother Teresa's business was: Money for a good conscience. The donors benefited the most from this. The poor hardly. Whosoever believed that Mother Teresa wanted to change the world, eliminate suffering or fight poverty, simply wanted to believe it for their own sakes. Such people did not listen to her. To be poor, to suffer was a goal, almost an ambition or an achievement for her and she imposed this goal upon those under her wings; her actual ordained goal was the hereafter.

  With growing fame, the founder of the order became somewhat conscious of the misconceptioons on which the Mother Teresa phenomenon was based. She wrote a few words and hung them outside Mother House:
  ‘Tell them we are not here for work, we are here for Jesus. We are religious above all else. We are not social workers, not teachers, not doctors. We are nuns.’

  One question then remains: For what, in that case, do nuns need so much money?


  Well, the answer to that is simple, as Christopher Hitchens said, Mama T’s mission is ‘the promulgation of a cult based on death and suffering and subjection.’ Period. In an interview over the flurry over his repeated charges, CH actually got admissions from as close to the horse’s mouth as 1 can get:


  But there is that terrible man, her official biographer Navin Chawla. He wrote her obituary in Financial Times, where he launched an attack on me, saying I didn't understand that while she may have taken money from the Duvaliers, she used it for good purposes. That was one fascinating admission. He went on to say she'd said this to him. I hadn't alleged this because I couldn't prove it. But here, from her hagiographer, was confirmation that she took money from the Duvaliers. Now, people in Haiti are much poorer than the people in Calcutta. And the Duvaliers became rich stealing from them. Her claim that she used it to alleviate the lives of the poor has yet to be proven. She didn't submit to any audit. But, of the millions who've read endlessly recycled praise for her, not many read my book. Compared to the Niagara of praise they've heard of her, not many even know this question can be asked of her. My book sold, maybe, altogether 25,000 copies.

  So, the real question is, if the case for Mama T’s unremitting evil is so clear, why has there been such a cover-up? My view is near that of CH’s, that the guilty West needed a saint to ease the consciences of those Corporate Elites who hold the power. Mama T was available, & fit the bill, even if- as CH notes- she never really went far to hide her total repugnance. The same cannot be said for the other scion of evil this essay will look at- the twisted Elie Wiesel, yet another Peace Prize Nobelist, with a shady background, & a dark agenda. Unlike Mama T, though, EW’s past & his mission is larded with deceit & chicanery.


The Weasel


  It should be no surprise that the man who led the damnations of MT would chime in on EW, In a 2001 article in Minority Report, called Wiesel Words, CH takes on the world’s foremost self-proclaimed Nazi Hunter. CH labeled EW a ‘contemptible poseur and windbag’ over EW’s views re: the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian chaos of the day. An EW editorial for the New York Times began, ‘As a Jew living in the United States, I have long denied myself the right to intervene in Israel's internal debates.... My critics have their conception of social and individual ethics; I have mine. But while I grant them their right to criticize, they sometimes deny mine to abstain.’ for which CH nailed him as condescending & hypocritical, due to EW’s participation in the Irgun terrorist group run by later Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the 1940s. Apparently it’s wrong for armed Nazis to slaughter defenseless Jews but okely-dokely for armed Jews to slaughter defenseless Palestinians, as well as Jews that disagreed with their terrorist tactics. CH also accuses EW of knowingly propagating historical falsehoods regarding the formation of Israel. Again, CH is correct in his calling EW so, & for EW’s hypocrisy, since he has damned all manner of reprehensible Holocaust revisionism. EW claimed that in 1948 600,000 Palestinians voluntarily left Israel under orders from their leaders. CH cites this rehash of a known lie as the archetypal Big Lie that people swallow wholeheartedly, then counters with a scathing editorial from a Russo-Israeli journalist named Israel Shamir, who chided EW for his fanatical search for an ethnically pure Israel:


  Be reasonable, old man. Stay within the frame of the story and within the bounds of common decency. Don Quixote did not drive his jeep into Toboso to rape his old flame. OK, you loved her, and thought about her, but it does not give you the right to kill her children, bulldoze her rose garden and put your boots on her dining-room table.


  To EW, the Palestinians are the desecrators of the Jews’ Palestinian Eden. He claimed it is a desert due to their tenure on the land. CH also notes EW’s famed silence on more than 1 occasion of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, yet his prolixity on those visited upon ‘his people’- the Chosen Ones.
  Yet, prolixity is how EW got famous- his ‘fact-based’ novel Night, about a young Jew’s experiences in the Nazi death camps, launched EW into the spotlight of the liberal Western intelligentsia in the 1950s. Yet, there seems to be some genuine doubts raised about EW’s true whereabouts during much of WW2. A lot of his descriptions of camps he supposedly had firsthand knowledge of do not seem to gibe- especially the details of Auschwitz- those things a person who had been there would never forget. Granted, the years take their due, & alot of this is the minutia-wringing of neo-Nazis, Historical Revisionists, apologists, & that dreadful ilk, but like Mama T’s lies, there seems to be some evidence that the truth lies somewhere between the lies of EW, & those of his detractors. Yet, unlike the Binjamin Wilkomirski incident- in the early 1990s- where a Swissman named Bruno Dössekker, who never was in a German concentration camp in wartime, published a highly-praised ‘memoir’ of a Jew named Binjamin Wilkomirski, who also was supposedly interned at Auschwitz, EW has gotten off rather lightly. BD, however, was assigned the lot of a hoaxer, no matter how good his fiction may have been. Was this merely because he was a Gentile? Or is it because EW constantly lambastes his detractors as Anti-Semites or Nazis?
  EW’s bio is fairly ubiquitous


  Born on the Jewish holiday Simchat Torah (September 30th) in 1928, Elie Wiesel spent many hours alone, in the town of Sighet, now part of Romania. Wiesel studied the Torah in college and prepared to become a rabbi. Then the Holocaust struck. Wiesel lost his mother and his younger sister at Auschwitz and then his father at Buchenwald. Afterwards, he went to an orphanage at Ambloy, France, and eventually continued his studies in literature, philosophy and psychiatry at the Sorbonne in Paris. He then became a Paris correspondent for the Yediot Ahronoth, based in Tel Aviv. During this experience, he traveled around the world and faced poverty and starvation, but made an important contact when he interviewed the Nobel laureate François Mauriac, who persuaded him to discuss his Holocaust experiences and later helped him publish his first novel Night in the West.
  Fate played another unexpected hand when Wiesel was covering the United Nations in New York and was seriously injured in a car accident. Temporarily confined to a wheelchair and unable to return home, he became a U.S. citizen to continue to legally stay in the States. It was here he met and married Marion Rose, who has translated many of his works written in French into English.
  Wiesel’s work has earned him recognition in the academic field. He was made a visiting scholar at Yale University and an Andrew Carnegie Mellon Professor at Boston University. Wiesel has not restricted his activities to writing but also plunged into social activism. His influence has been extended far beyond the circles of Holocaust literature and Jews. He has spoken not only on the behalf of Israel and Jews but also other minorities who were suppressed and persecuted or suffering from inhumanity, Nicaragua’s Miskito Indians, Argentina’s Desaparecidos, Cambodian refugees, the Kurds, victims of famine in Africa, victims of apartheid in South Africa, and victims of war in the former Yugoslavia. His social activism led to various important appointments and awards, including the chair of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust and the Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1968 and afterwards set up the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. Its mission was to honor the Holocaust’s victims and survivors by providing a platform to discuss human rights and intolerance. Wiesel also served as the first chair of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council from 1980-1986 and continues to be on this prestigious committee, which has in its charge the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.
  Wiesel has made his home in New York City, and is now a United States citizen. He has been a visiting scholar at Yale University, a Distinguished Professor of Judaic Studies at the City College of New York, and since 1976 has been Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities at Boston University where he teaches "Literature of Memory." Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council from 1980-1986, Wiesel serves on numerous boards of trustees and advisors.


  Despite all this it was as a writer that EW would make his mark. The Holocaust became an all-consuming bogeyman that demanded its pound of flesh in vengeance for the tart-tongued, yet mild-mannered EW. & through his assorted foundations & relentless moneyraising, EW became, along with Simon Wiesenthal, 1 of the 2 the leading Nazi Hunters of the last few decades. Both men did some great service in tracking down killers in their South American villas (just as MT has legitimately fed some of those who were dying), yet EW, especially, seemed to feed like a vampire off of his fame. Like Mama T, EW’s claimed ‘humanity’ for all oppressed peoples is a very hit & miss enterprise, &- like Mama T- his Nobel for Peace seems rather dubious since he never acted as an intermediary in any conflicts- Jimmy Carter he ain’t! 1 can only surmise bringing in a few geriatric altacocker Killer Krauts made the world more peaceful place- but how is beyond most rational thinkers.
  There is no doubt that EW, unlike Mama T, actually did some palpable good in his life. But it is his relentless self-promotion that is so unseemly. Not to mention his financial ties to the rich & powerful, who- as with Mama T- see EW as a convenient soul-salve to lavish ludicrous sums of money on- $ which rarely seems to impact anything but EW’s wallet. Detractors also point out to his unsubstantiated claim of being in a famous Concentration Camp photo where the person claimed to be EW is barely visible in a dark corner, & not likely EW. Here is a typical online description of this melodramatic ‘event’:


Placed in the National Archives of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is an infamous photo of the Nazi concentration Buchenwald. The men are stacked into rows of bunk beds. On the right, one of them is standing, his skin stretched tightly over his bones, his face so grieved it is beyond emotional expression. From the dark shadows behind a beam peers the dark eyes of a prisoner, on the verge of manhood. Like all the others, he is frail, on the brink of hope and despair. That boy was Elie Wiesel, and he not only survived these horrors but endured to tell his own story and of those who died.

  It’s this sort of propagandizing without backup that has led his many detractors to label EW ‘The Weasel’- an apropos play on the man’s name. Chief among his detractors is an American Jewish professor named Norman Finkelstein. NF has been to EW what Christopher Hitchens was to Mama T. His 2000 book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, was a bombshell that shed considerable light on EW & his ilk’s crooked ways, as well as- unfortunately- giving glee to neo-Nazis & Holocaust Deniers worldwide. But NF is a Jew & his parents former Death Camp survivors. Naturally, most of the media was very condemnatory of him, labeling him a self-loathing Jew, a traitor, etc. Yet, all NF did was limn the obvious- that the Holocaust has been shamelessly marketed as if it were a new flavor of soft drink. NF details the difference between ‘The Holocaust’ & what may more appropriately be termed the Nazi genocide which killed about 10 million people- about ½ which were Jews. NF states this dichotomy is a political necessity to leave Jewish interests, & especially those of Israel, above critical exploration. He correctly points out that 1967’s 6 Day War between Israel & Jordan, Syria, & Egypt was when the idea & term ‘Holocaust’ was born. Of course, NF smites those who propagate such foulness- most notably the old Weasel himself- whom NF gleefully states pulls in $25k minimum speaking fees, + all-expenses paid trips, room, & board. For this EW pontificates that the Holocaust is so horrible & unique an event that to speak of it is sacreligious, unless- of course- you decry it insistently. NF’s EW is a man with an Ahabian monomania whose White Whale, however, has been (to borrow from the old Saturday Night Live schtick) ‘berry, berry good to me’. Yet, NF’s book is almost too perfect a summation, in that it is almost like giving Nazi sympathizers a nuclear bomb, politically. Thus, the relentless negativity- not at the book’s assertions, but the man, his prose stylings, & some of his more pragmatic solutions- such as letting the few remaining old Nazis die in ignominy & obscurity. He ends with a gem of an axiom from his mom: ‘If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?’ But, if NF’s advice were to be followed, where would the Elie Wiesels of the world be?
  Well, perhaps not trying to railroad ex-Nazis who never were. Of all the dozens, if not 100s, of Nazis brought to justice by EW, Simon Wiesenthal, & company, there have been more than a handful of accusees who were innocent. Often, these innocents have been Death Camp cooks or corporals or privates who had no real say in the life & death decisions of the Death Camp leaders. Other times, the accused were never, EVER, even where they were claimed to be. The most famed of these wronged men is Ivan ‘John’ Demjanjuk. An online site describes the tale best:

  The John Demjanjuk story begins in October 1975, when a list of names of alleged Nazi war criminals was circulated amongst members of the US senate. The list originated with the Soviet Union’s KGB, allegedly out of material captured by the Soviet Army at the end of World War II. 
  One of the names appearing on the list was that of John Ivan Demjanjuk – a Ukrainian who had immigrated to the USA in 1951 and who had been living in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1958.
  The KGB document alleged that Demjanjuk had been a soldier in the Red Army who, after falling into German captivity, had volunteered for service in the S.S. Demjanjuk, had, said the Soviet document, undergone training at the SS camp in the town of Trawniki, Poland. He had, continued the document, served from March 1943 as an SS guard at the Sobibor camp, and later at the Floenbuerg concentration camp.

  The State Department started deportation hearings, claiming JD lied to the INS. They also started an investigation into the KGB claims. Israel claimed JD should be shipped to their jurisdiction. The US asked for Israel to locate survivors who could ID JD. Although JD was alleged to have served at Sobibor, the Israelis found ‘eyewitnesses’ who stated JD was the infamous Treblinka Death Guard ‘Ivan the Terrible’. Something was amiss, but this was a mere inconvenience. By 1977 JD’s nightmare was underway. By 1986 he was deported to Israel. Several years went by as JD awaited a massive ‘show trial’. This farce, which was given all solemnity statewide, would unravel when the Soviet Union collapsed & all the ‘evidence’ against JD was shown to have been faked by the KGB. This gibed with JD’s longstanding claim that he had been a German POW throughout WW2- & never an SS guard. Yet, this would not affect the earlier ‘show trial’ as the parade of either liars or the deluded, continued. On 4/18/88 JD was found guilty of Nazi war crimes & sentenced to death. Then the appeals process took over. The Soviet ‘evidence’ was revealed as part of a KGB plot to discredit Ukrainian Nationalists who sought freedom from the USSR. Instead of being a mass murderer, JD was a Ukrainian War Hero. By 1993, under increasing world pressure, JD was acquitted, & the Israeli Supreme Court admitted his innocence, & that he had been the victim of an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a KGB forgery, & Holocaust fanatics. By 9/22-93 JD’s nearly 2 decade nightmare was over, his US citizenship restored, & his name cleared. But at what cost to not only an innocent man- & a good 1 at that? But at what cost to the credibility of people like EW who whipped up a public frenzy, & then barely uttered a peep when it all fell apart? The truth is, almost no one has ever called EW & his Nazi Hunters on this, or other mistakes. Never has he uttered an apology for his fomenting the lynch mob mentality that nearly killed JD, & definitely ruined his life. Certainly EW could have spared a few of his millions to restitute JD & his family for the slander & injustice they suffered? But, nothing occurred. It is actions like the JD farce which unwittingly give aid & comfort to the very hatemongers EW claims to revile- even as he’s their best recruitment poster boy. The real question is to ask just how much of this is realized by EW, & how willing is he to exploit this for fame & profit?
  These are the sorts of questions that journalists now, finally, seem to be willing to engage. EW’s high living sticks out in the craws of NF & others. The man has literally made millions off the deaths of millions. NF nails EW with a famed quote by Abba Eban: ‘There's no business like Shoah business!’ Of course, EW fought back, hurling denunciations NF’s way- claiming he has not gotten rich from his lectures about the Holocaust. EW claimed most of his appearances are not about the Holocaust, but life & literature. & despite evidence of his Croesian life, EW claims to waive fees when he speaks on the Holocaust- or he donates the fee to charity. Sound a little too familiar?
  Of course, EW, has not been NF’s only target. In 1996 he zeroed in on another Holocaust propagandist- Daniel Goldhagen- a Jew whose parents also survived the Holocaust. DG’s book, Hitler’s Willing Executioners, claimed it was ordinary Germans, not Nazi ideology, which killed the Jews of WW2. NF slammed DG as a racist. He was, even before The Holocaust Industry, a marked man. The New York Times branded NF an Anti-Semite by publishing an Israeli scholar’s denunciations against the book. This contributed to the book’s American flopperoo.
  Yet, NF’s details are too strong to ignore- even his harshest critics accord that his research is flawless, while it is his conclusions they damn. Here’s a typical commonsense 1: NF notes that Holocaust survivors- i.e.- those who actually survived the Death Camps, not just the years- at the end of WW2 has always been estimated to be about 100,000- give or take 10 or 20k. Therefore, there simply cannot be- nearly 60 years later, more than this figure- the surviving ‘survivors should be- statistically- about 15-20% of that figure. Yet, recent Holocaust ‘historians’ have gathered several 100s of 1000s of ‘survivors’ tales for the Holocaust Museum & other archives. Something’s amiss. NF claims that since enduring the camps became a symbol of martyrdom, many Jews who spent WW2 elsewhere have misrepresented themselves as Death Camp survivors. Yet, he suggests an even darker motive behind this is monetary- the German government provided massive monetary compensation to Jews who had been in ghettos or camps, so many Jews lied for the money, figuring the Germans owed their people- so why not get some for me? NF details how many ‘survivors’ claim to have met a Mengele, Bormann, or other Nazi notables. This propinquity to the famous has its counterpart in ‘reincarnation tales’ where often people are famous folk, or their confidantes. This is known as the ‘Sexiness Factor’ of memory recall- be it in this life or another. NF nails & proves EW’s lies even on 1 particularly silly score. EW claimed in Night that, after Buchenwald he read Immanuel Kant’s The Critique of Pure Reason in Yiddish. NF pointed out that earlier in his Nazi Hunter crusading days, EW claimed he did not learn Yiddish until his later years, & then details scrupulously that The Critique of Pure Reason was never translated into Yiddish- at least not until long after WW2.
  Even the Israeli government, in the late 1990s estimated the # of living ‘Holocaust survivors’ at almost a million. Now, you know the Israelis only count Jews as Holocaust Survivors, not any of the other persecuted groups that made up the other ½ of the 10 million Death Camp victims, so- given that there were barely 6 million Jews in all of Europe before WW2, & given that 6 million is bandied about as the ‘official’ # of Jewish dead, & given that most experts hold that about 100,000 Death Camp Jewish survivors made it through 1945, then where the hell are the other 900,000 coming from, even if after 60 years the # of ‘actual survivors’ should statistically be no more than 20,000? You just know that Nazi sympathizers drool over such blatant misrepresentation. EW, & his ilk, have given the hatemongers they loathe potent ammunition to use against their supposed ‘cause’. It’s Pogo logic at its most galling- the enemy, to EW, is not a bunch of inbred neo-Nazi skin heads, but the whole ‘Holocaust Industry’ as NF so aptly terms it. By their own greed & amorality they facilitate the continuation of the very bigotry & hatred they condemn. Then again- that’s a good thing to perpetuate since it guarantees a steady income for the industry for a few more decades, & even beyond the last ‘actual survivor’ (& those faux) of the Holocaust’s demise. Of all the attacks against EW, no one has ever claimed the man was dumb, nor maladept at profiteering
  Granted, neither EW nor world Jewry is alone in this garbing of 1’s past into ‘Victim Chic’, but it does  make 1 question the motives of this man & his relentless PR campaign as the world’s foremost ‘expert’ on human suffering. NF wants EW & the others to stop propagandizing the Holocaust for profit. There is no question of the evil involved, but it was merely 1 in a long string of mass murder, torture, & bigoted crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated before & since- only in the Guilt Industry it spawned is it a unique chapter in human history. As NF says:

  The staggering dimensions of Hitler's Final Solution are by now well known. And isn't the 'normal' history of humankind replete with horrifying chapters of inhumanity? A crime need not be aberrant to warrant atonement. The challenge today is to restore the Nazi Holocaust as a rational subject of inquiry. Only then can we really learn from it. The abnormality of the Nazi Holocaust springs not from the event itself but from the exploitative industry that has grown up around it.
  The Holocaust industry has always been bankrupt. What remains is to openly declare it so. The time is long past to put it out of business. The noblest gesture for those who perished is to preserve their memory, learn from their suffering and let them, finally, rest in peace.

  Not to be sassy- oh, what the hell?- but AMEN to that! In short, EW should be ashamed of the ghoulish & vampiric way he has lived the phat life off of the suffering of others, but even more so how his willful distortions of truth have promulgated both the destruction of falsely accused Nazis’ lives, & the seeds of further hatred amongst the more addle-minded would-be racist- & conspiracist-minded fringe elements out there, by giving such real pegs upon which to drape the threads of Jewish Banker Global Conspiracy nonsense.

The End

  There are literally 1000s of articles & websites online, which detail even more far out & wacky claims against the twin sinners of Mama T & Elie ‘The Weasel’ Wiesel. I have tried to use only those more credible sources (listed below). The case against this deadly duo is pretty strong. In Mama T we have, hopefully, the last filthy Missionary that will ever weave evil over the world. In Elie Wiesel we have, hopefully, the last major exploiter of the Nazi genocide for personal profit.
  But, both of these expoiter’s crimes against humanity go to a fundamentally deeper level- they have facilitated the evil of others. MT by her ‘moral’ support for dictators & thieves, support of misogyny & earthly suffering, & EW with his shameless pursuit of wealth, while giving bigots of all sorts plenty of ammo to recruit from the weakest minds in society for generations to come. It amazes me how a man so seemingly straight-forwardly intelligent & caring as EW cannot recognize that by lying about history he only perpetuates the climate from which misperceptions & misconceptions spring? The Right Wing Radical John Birchers out there (not to even mention the more skinhead/KKK/neo-Nazi sorts) simply drool at every John Demjanjuk case (& there were many others which never got the notoriety JD’s case did, simply because they came later, after the JD case was unraveling), & every proven lie told by faux Death Camp survivors. Every propaganda film like Schindler’s List (a terrible work of art, but even worse piece of history) only serves to fire up Anti-Semites who can legitimately point out its historical inaccuracies & lies, but also give aid & succor to the EWs & Simon Wiesenthals out there, who can use such a film as justification for their cronies’ & ‘Foundations’' continued plunder of European banks, all the while giving relative bupkus to the ‘actual survivors’ of the Death Camps- like Norman Finkelstein’s parents.
  Even easier targets for the racist fringe is the phony #s game the EWs of the world play. The real # of Holocaust victims & survivors will never be fully known- it was only the scrupulous record keeping of the Nazis which lets a decent guesstimate to exist. But whether it was 10 million total- 5 million of which were Jews, or the 6 Million Holy #, the lowball estimate of 3.5 million Jews & about 2 million others, or the generally accepted figure of 10 million overall, & 5.3 million Jews, the question remains- to neo-Nazis- if they can misplace a 100,000 or so here & there- why not the whole 6, 5, or 10 million being a fake? & it’s a good question. Fortunately, NF’s despised ‘Holocaust Industry’ also has secular, & non-profit, counterparts which have done a commendable job of navigating the truth between the 2 filthy extremes. But other questions stick in the craw, too. My mother has often asked, ‘Why is it that the press seems to believe it was only the Jews who were mass murdered- what about the Lithanians?’ (her roots). 1 might also add- what about the homosexuals, Gypsies, political dissidents, unionists, Communists, Catholics, etc.? There seems to be, in the mind of EW, nothing ever quite as horrid nor painful, as Jewish suffering- a thing that goes back 6,000 years (again the # 6 has its mythic place), even as there is little evidence of pre-Christian persecution, certainly nothing like the supposed Bondage in Egypt, which seems increasingly to have been a total myth, if not based upon a literal handful of enslaved Jews WRIT LARGE! To those others who died at Hitler’s hate, the 1.5 million Armenians who died to the Turks’ hatred in 1915, Cambodians & their killing fields, the Ugandan, Indonesian, & Rwandan genocides, the 1990s Balkan ethnic cleansings, the 8-12 million Congolese who died at King Leopold’s behest, the 40-60 million who died in Stalin’s Gulag Archipelago, the 100-120 million who died during Mao Zedong’s reign of terror, the 10-20 million Africans who died anonymously in slavery, or forgotten in slave ships, or the 60-70 million Native Americans who died during the centuries of European Conquistadoran mentality, the 20 million Genghis Khan claimed, & on & on, EW & his ilk would say, ‘Sorry, but you do not know what it is like to suffer like a Jew.’ This is the essence of evil- the inurement to others’ claims & pains, & the very thing that keeps the wheels of greater evils- resentment & bigotry- ever churning. Even people who have no stake in the Holocaust Industry- 1 way or the other, ask some plain questions like- Why is the Holocaust Museum located in the U.S.? Didn’t the Holocaust take place in Europe? Why isn’t the museum in Bonn, Warsaw, or Berlin, rather than Washington D.C.? & why don’t we have a National Slavery (or Middle Passage) Museum for blacks? Or a Native American Manifest Destiny Genocide Museum? Or even a Japanese-American Internment Museum? The racist fringe knows well that the answer is obvious- Jews have far more monetary & political influence on American politics than do African, Native, or Japanese Americans- & 1 need not be a Ku Klux Klanner to realize that.
  As for Mama T- her wicked profiteering, & absolute joy at the suffering of both those she found faithful & those she did not, is also pure evil. History will accord a dim eye toward the sheep who controlled the media in our day & praised this duo. It is easy to hate the manifest evil of an Adolf Hitler, a Ted Bundy, or an Al Capone- but it is the smaller facilitators of evil- the Mama Ts & EWs, that till the fields from which such things grow: the Hitlers feed off the ground whetted by cynical abusers of the truth like EW, & the Mama Ts of the world provide the aura of sexual repression that drives the Bundys toward murderous rape, & economic poverty that lets organized criminals like Capone rise to power in their local fiefdoms.
That these 2 scam artists could bilk so many naïve, but decent, folk out of so much money for supposedly worthwhile causes- aiding the impoverished & oppressed- & then be accorded the Nobel Peace Prize is an especially galling insult to those who truly have deserved such- a Martin Luther King, Jr., or a Jimmy Carter. But, putting all that aside, we should, as humans, move forward into this new millennium fully aware of the multifarious evils that beset our human condition- not just the obvious 1s, but those which make the obvious ‘obvious’. If this is done, then no one will be able to watch a documentary where a sick old crone teases a dying child with a piece of bread without totally & unequivocally condemning it, & no one will be able to smile weakly when another false claim is made about the Nazi genocide- in whatever manner. Instead, condemnation will shame such folk back to the sewers where they belong- where all facilitators of evil belong- whether long dead, or still stalking this earth.

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