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Cosmoetica Contact, Submissions, and Disclaimer

  If you want to contact Dan Schneider, Jessica Schneider, or any of the other Cosmoetica contributors about the site, drop a line to cosmoetica - at- gmail- dot- com. All emails with attachments will be deleted unread, and any threats- personal or legal- will immediately be reported to the authorities. Harassment will be reported to the authorities if of a threatening nature. All contacts, emails, and submissions- electronic, print, or postal, become the intellectual property of Cosmoetica, which is free to do with them as it sees fit, for all contacts, emails, and submissions to Cosmoetica grant a non-exclusive license to forward or post online any contact, emails or submissions in perpetuity; subject to editing for clarity, satire, readability, logic, or any other reason Cosmoetica deems necessary for posting and/or publication on the website. So do all harassments, pointless rants, and curses, which may become the subject of mockery and/or satire via Cosmoetica's email list, and can be posted online at any time. By contacting, emailing, or submitting material(s) to Cosmoetica, copyrighted or not, and any or all persons and/or email addresses associated with the website, the contacter/submitter/respondent waives all rights to claims of damages (personal or financial) or remuneration against Cosmoetica for any embarrassment or regrets suffered because of the rights the website exercises in posting contacts, emails, and/or submissions, now, or in perpetuity, in any medium, online or not- this includes reuses, repostings, and reprints. Emails, by their nature, carry no expectation of privacy, may be reprinted in full or part- at the discretion of the website, and Cosmoetica will not allow people to hide their stupidity, nastiness, nor bigotry behind such. In short, if you are not willing to stand behind a statement that may be forever online, don't email it here. Cosmoetica reserves the right to use any email sent as an example of the asininity of most people. Only provable claims of libel and/or plagiarism are grounds for the removal of material from Cosmoetica. Due to the high volume of traffic and emails Cosmoetica receives (an average week includes 15-1600 queries, submissions, and assorted contacts, not including 3-4 times as many spam emails) it is not likely a reply to every email and/or submission will be granted, so if one is given, appreciate that it is likely because the email had some positive quality 99% of the others lacked. Posted works on Cosmoetica represent the opinions and copyright, solely of the attributed writers, and not necessarily those of Cosmoetica, although the intellectual property rights may belong to Cosmoetica, as well as the writers. All spam and promotional emails received are sent information on Cosmoetica. Ask and you will be removed from further emailings, provided you remove Cosmoetica from your emailing lists.

Submission Guidelines

  Realize that Cosmoetica gets many submissions in many genres. There is not time enough to comment on every rejection, much less an individual poem or essay. If you hear nothing, assume the worst, for there is not the time enough to comment and argue about subpar work, especially since most criticisms are unappreciated anyway.


  Poems will be accepted for both the Vers Magnifique page and the Neglected Poets pages. Generally, the Vers Magnifique page is for poets who are known to Cosmoetica and/or those of unpublished poets. The Neglected Poets pages are generally for quality poets who have had works published but have suffered critical neglect and appreciation for a variety of reasons. When submitting poems please give the name of the poet, where the work has appeared before (in book, magazine, or website form), and any brief biographical information about the poet and/or poems. Please send all submissions in the body of an email to cosmoeticapoems - at- gmail- dot- com. Please specify in the Subject Line of your email whether the poem is for the Vers Magnifique or Neglected Poets pages (see above for further information). If your poem(s) is (are) accepted, but there are formatting problems, you will be contacted to resend the piece in a standard word processing format (.doc, .txt, etc.).


  Cosmoetica will accept essay submissions on any and every topic, if the writing is of the highest quality, and they are written in English. Vivacity and humor are always welcome. Cosmoetica will sooner post a well-written piece it disagrees vehemently with than a schlockily written piece it agrees with. There are no limits on the length of the essays, although book length pieces are likely too long. Please send all submissions in the body of an email to cosmoeticaessays - at- gmail- dot- com. Please specify in the Subject Line of your email whether the essay is a Byline, S&D, or This Old Poem (see below for further information). If your essay is accepted, but there are formatting problems, you will be contacted to resend the piece in a standard word processing format (.doc, .txt, etc.). Cosmoetica is loath to accept images, for this site is dedicated to the written word, thus its demonstrable lack of 'bells and whistles'. Cosmoetica cannot pay for contributions.

  Accepted essays will be indexed and archived. They will be accepted or rejected in toto, appear unedited, and with date of first posting. Multiple and simultaneous submissions are fine. Many Cosmoetica works have appeared elsewhere first, or in venues after their debut in Cosmoetica. Authors, upon republication of a piece originally posted on Cosmoetica, are simply asked to credit Cosmoetica as the place the essay first appeared. Posted essays are copyrighted by the essayist. However, Cosmoetica reserves the right to reprint in full, or excerpt parts of, the essay at any time. Contributor biographies are not necessary, but the contributor will be listed on the contributors page. All posted essays represent the opinions of the essayist alone, not necessarily those of Cosmoetica; although Dan Schneider may add replies, rebuttals, or comments about the essays afterward.

  Cosmoetica posts three different types of essays:


  Bylines are general essays about life, politics, philosophy, and other things.

S&D (Seek & Destroy)

  S&Ds are essays about poetica: poems, poets, critics, movements (-isms), theory, etc.

Essays that are positive toward their subject matter will be classified as Seek essays (as in seek this poem/poet/critic, etc. out). Those that are negative toward their subject matter will be classified as Destroy essays (no elaboration needed). Those that are neither positive nor negative will be considered gutless, wishy-washy pussy essays, and not considered for publication, because one of the chief posits of Cosmoetica is that not only is contemporary poetry (and literature in general) in abysmal shape, but it is in such a shape because of the willful and accidental failures of editors, publishers, and especially critics to discern bad poetry (and writing) from good, and propagate the publication and promotion of good works over bad. Here are some of the qualities a Seek & Destroy (S&D) essay should have:

a) Passion- no pussy-assed, 'I'm looking to make my niche in the academy', bland, barely-enthused, recommendations, or humbly apologetic, 'this could be a teensy bit better', rebuking reviews. The critic should advocate his/her position- be it negative or positive.

b) Intellect- do not rely on your heart, but your head. Have a working knowledge of the subject matter at hand. Too many essays that appear (be they in American Poetry Review, Ruminator Review, Rain Taxi, poetry magazines, zines, or websites) manifest their authors' barely having read the work. They are filled with an alarming cluelessness to the specific topic, as well poetry and its history in general.

c) Repetition- avoid it, if possible.

d) Concision- (see Repetition) not necessarily brevity itself, but a desire for pointedness and cogency. Essays about a poem on, say, The Brady Bunch, seem foolish when they devolve into rambling digressions about Marxism, sexually-transmitted diseases, or Joseph Campbellian pseudo-thought. Concision in criticism is as worthy a goal as it is in poetry. Too often critics get so rapt by their own wordplay or genius that the subject of the essay is lost.

e) Clichés- avoid them, as in poetry. You know the critical clichés I mean; the crap that says nothing save 'I hope I can fool some poetic ignorant into believing I know something they don't!' Stuff as: 'his/her poems reveal to us what it means to be socially inviolable in a post-industrial society', 'his/her lines convey, in luminous digressions, what it means for the artist to be true to a mission of life and its truth', or 'honesty shimmers through his/her poems like the first sunrise after Hiroshima.' Such pap will be rejected, ridiculed, and used as a defense in my trial when I seek out and beat you with things wet & rubbery.

f)  Quoting- when you quote from a poem or other essay, try to pick appropriate examples, good or bad, and more than a single line. Too often quotes are taken out of context. Context can show why a seeming cliché is redeemed, or why a good image fails in a particular poem. I.e.- do not just say why something works or fails- show how!

  Even though his essays are hit and miss, and he lacks knowledge in many areas, a fellow named Erich Vogel had a poetry website that had a flavor S&D essays have: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/4942/harshp.html.

TOP (This Old Poem)

  TOPs essays about specific poems, and rewriting them to make them better, showing specific reasons for the poems' flaws and specific remedies for those flaws, all with a dash of humor.

US Copyright Code Sec. 107. - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

  Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; 

(2) the nature of the copyrighted work;

(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and

(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

  The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

***This section of the code protects satire, criticism, & alot of other opinings! DAN

Info On Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider Vs. The Rest Of the World, 1999 City ages Article, via The Wayback Machine

Roger Ebert praises Dan Schneider's Film Criticism and Website

Ebert calls Dan  Schneider 'a considerable critic....'' that Dan Schneider (in regards to Ebert's writings) 'may well be correct in some aspects. What his analysis gives me is a renewed respect and curiosity about his own work....'; he states, 'Dan Schneider is observant, smart, and makes every effort to be fair.' He states, 'I conclude he is more analytical and less visceral that I am,' Ebert ends his praise, stating, 'What is remarkable about these many words is that Schneider keeps an open mind, approaches each film afresh, and doesn't always repeat the same judgments. An ideal critic tries to start over again with every review.' -12/9/09, from 'Who do you read? Good Roger or Bad Roger?', by Roger Ebert

On 9/17/10, Roger Ebert tweeted, 'The Online Film Critics Society is nuts if they think Dan Schneider doesn't qualify.'

Cosmoetica noted in the New York Times: 'Cosmoetica (www.cosmoetica.com): As a poet, Dan Schneider is, by his own humble admission, ''better than Walt Whitman.'' In between writing the poems that will make him immortal, however -- and he's apparently got more than 10,000 of them -- Schneider has found time to offer a few helpful criticisms regarding his fellow poets and reviewers. If you were looking for someone willing to call T. S. Eliot ''1 of the most grossly overrated writers in the history of the world, & the English language,'' Schneider is your man. His site includes similarly jolly commentary on a large number of contemporary writers.'- 10/3/04, from ' The Widening Web Of Digital Lit', by David Orr

The Dan Schneider Interview: Dan Schneider

Critical Mass Interview: Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider's page at The Lifeboat Foundation

James Emanuel Interview (Nebraska Public Radio- with commentary by Dan Schneider)

Online Streaming Audio Interview Of Dan Schneider 

Review of the Uptown Poetry Group

Article on Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider's entry at Nationmaster.com, an online encycopedia

More Info

Cinemension Blog page: http://www.cinemension.blogspot.com/

Dan Schneider's Culture Wars Page: http://www.culturewars.org.uk/index.php/site/contributor/dan_schneider/ 

Dan Schneider's Blogcritics Page: http://blogcritics.org/writer/dan_schneider

Dan's Examiner page: http://www.examiner.com/x-19688-Criterion-Collection-and-Classic-DVD-Examiner

Dan Schneider's Rotten Tomatoes' Page: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/author/author-12144/ 

Dan Schneider's blurb for Robert Grudin's book Design And Truth: http://yalepress.yale.edu/ reviews.asp?isbn=9780300161403

Dan Schneider's Arts Résumé


I am an internationally published poet and syndicated essayist with dozens of published credits. I have participated in many local and national reading and writing programs, as well as contributing time & money to arts organizations.



·         Participated in over 2000 poetry and arts-related events through the years.

·         Founded and organized many arts events, including proposal- and grant-writing and submissions.

·     Film reviews linked on Rotten Tomatoes and MRQE (Movie Review Query Engine) film websites.

·         Works published in Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Cambridge University Press, Discover Magazine, Talking Points Memo, Monsters And Critics, La Prensa, City Pages, the UCLA Journal of the American Indian (now American Indian Cultural and Research Journal), Nimrod, Sentence, Argestes, Midwest Book Review, storySouth, Jacaranda Review, Chiron Review, Main Street Rag, Neo-Victorian, Curbside Review, Piedmont Journal, Taj Mahal Review, Unlikelystories.org, Dublin Quarterly, The Simon, The Moderate Voice, Subtle Tea, Boston.com, Cleveland.com, Houston Literary Review, Poligazette, They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?, Culture Vulture, Retort, Unlikely 2.0, New York Review, Yet Another Book Review, Obsessed With Film, Cinescene, Cinephilia, DVD Outsider, Poligazette, Feel The Word, A Voice For Men, and others.

·         Regular Contributor: Blogcritics, No Ripcord, Hackwriters.com, LauraHird.com, Alternative Film Guide, Culture Wars, Talking Pictures, The Critical Critics, The Spinning Image, Open Salon.

·         Appeared on numerous TV and radio programs.

·         Online presence includes listings on websites of Academy of American Poets, Who’s Who, and Google.

·         1988-1990- co-hosted poetry series at West Side YMCA in Manhattan.

·         1989- organized Alliance Of Queens Artists summer poetry reading series.

·         1994- a featured poet on Poetic Marmalade tv show.

·         1995-2003- founded Uptown Poetry Group, a critique group that met bimonthly in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, MN 200 consecutive times.

·         1997-1998- organizer and curator of the Poetry & Performance Art Series of the annual Stone Arch Festival Of The Arts, in Northeast Minneapolis, at the Saint Anthony Main complex.

·         1997- founded THE LIST Of Artists, a multi-disciplinary directory of Twin Cities area artists.

·         1998- featured artist on an episode of Gallery 7 tv show.

·         1998- focus of article in Pre-Raphaelite Review.

·         1999- was cover story of Twin Cities tabloid City Pages’ literature edition, which drew enormous response.

·         2000- organized a Poetry Forum on what constitutes great poetry.

·         2001- founded Cosmoetica, the largest non-commercial and unaffiliated poetry and literature website on the Internet. Cosmoetica has been consistently in the top top 10,000 rankings of Ranking.com.

·         2003- founded and co-hosted with Arthur Durkee a 12-program season of Omniversica- an Internet radio show on Sursumcorda.com. Guests included poet James Emanuel, scientist Lynn Margulis, writer Dorion Sagan, actor/writer George Dickerson, filmmaker Josh Becker, astronomer Fiorella Terenzi, parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, author Leonard Shlain, filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, and author Howard Bloom.

·         2003- subject of articles in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore and Web Del Sol.

·         2003- co-hosted and produced cable tv special on poet Walt Whitman.

·         2004- Cosmoetica profiled in 10/3/04 New York Times Article The Widening Web of Digital Lit.

·        2006- featured in journal StorySouth. Cosmoetica a Time magazine Coolest Website Of The Year nominee, March. Short story Beyond Amber nominated for Million Writers Award, March.

·         2006- interviewed by Avishay Artsy for Nebraska Public Radio.

·         2007- film critic for Blogcritics, Books Editor (with wife Jessica Schneider) for Monsters And Critics. Co-founded The M&C Interview series of discussions with the best contemporary authors. Started the Dan Schneider Interview series at Cosmoetica.

·         2008- official reviewer for new The Criterion Collection DVD pre-releases. Extensive critical quotation in Contemporary Fiction: The Novel Since 1990, edited by Pamela Bickley, and published by Cambridge University Press, in regards to book review of Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth.

·         2009- accredited member of IFCS (Internet Film Critic Society), hired as National Criterion Collection and Classic Film Examiner for Examiner.com. Interviewed by Only Good Movies for Critical Mass series. Praised by fellow film critic, Roger Ebert, on Roger Ebert's blog, as an 'ideal critic.' 12/9/09

·         2010- contributor for Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Culture Wars, The Critical Critics, Open Salon, The Spinning Image, and Talking Pictures film sites. Dan Schneider's analysis is referenced in the PBS series POV's brochure (p.26) on The Up Series.

·         2011- blurb for Robert Grudin's book Design And Truth used by Yale University Press's paperback edition. Cosmoetica recommended on page 192 of On Writing Poetry, by Al Rocheleau, Shantih Press, © 2010, published 2011

·         2012- published in Shadowlands, book blurb for Howard Bloom's The God Problem; asked to join The Lifeboat Foundation as an advisor on the Media & Arts Board and The Sustainability Board. Resigned from The Lifeboat Foundation over their inaction. Poems published in Serbian magazines Lipar and Krajina. Hit 300 million visitors to Cosmoetica.

·        2012-present- 100+ plays, novels, short stories written and/or published


Jacaranda Review; Caribou Review, Chiron Review, Piedmont Journal, Ragshock; Spout; Poems That Thump/Second Glance; Neo-Victorian/Cochlea, Poetry Motel; Green Hills Literary Lantern; Second Glance; Golden Apple; The Santa Fe Sun; Sherman Asher Press; New Digressions; Neo-Victorian/Cochlea; The Slate, Sunday Suitor; Tucumcari Literary Review; Papyrus; Dam Good; South Ash Press; UCLA Journal Of The American Indian (now American Indian Cultural and Research Journal); Barefoot Grass Journal; Nimrod, Smashing Icons; Sentence; La Prensa (San Salvador), Ariel (Canada); Venerable Seed; Voices From The Well; Arctos Press (Bears); Constal; Fresh Ground; City Pages, Feelings Of The Heart; Argestes; Curbside Review, Maryland Review; Eureka, Black Water Journal; High Plains Review, Oberon  Review, Unlikely Stories, Pacific Review; Wisconsin Academic Review, Main Street Rag; Steam Ticket; Interpoetry; Scrivener Creative Review, Taj Mahal Review, Tertullia Magazine, Shadowlands, and others


Through the years I have striven to create ways for people to communicate and discourse more effectively via the arts- which are the essence of communication, with poetry being the highest of arts. Unlike most artists, I have never replaced the primary goal of creating great art with the temporal goals of political, religious, nor philosophical action. While art (communication) is the conveyance of ideas and information, it is also- paradoxically- an end unto itself. This realization has enabled me to achieve excellence in my fields. My art is apolitical, irreligious, and aphilosophical. Put simply: when it comes to art I walk the walk, whereas the vast majority of others merely talk the talk.




Poetry- 5+


The 49 Gallery

Omnisonnets 1-8

Le Bestiare 1-3

American Sonnets

Holy Sonnets

and many more


Memoirs- 6


True Life 1-4

Show & Tell: A White Man's Antiphonal Primer On Race

The Company Stories


Nonfiction- 1


Five Film Masters: Thoughts On Antonioni, Bergman, Fellini, Herzog, And Ozu, Into The 21st Century


Collections- 9


Selected Short Stories

More Selected Short Stories

Selected Longer Fiction

Selected Memoirs

Selected Early Essays

Selected Reviews

Selected Prose

Selected Later Essays

Selected Longer Poems


Short Story Collections- 12


21 Conversations

21 More Conversations

American Lace

American Embroidery

Tales Of Notice

Domesticities In Eleven Cities

Ugly Girls

Thirteen Ways Of Selling The Self

A Little Book Of Dyings

Summer In A Dozen Days

This Human Animal

I, Imperial


Novels Of Place- 5


Monarchs Of New York


The Compass Rose Sabbath

Scenes From A City



Novels- 21


The Trial Of Horacio Guzman


The Enkidiad

Bit Of Golem


Helena Quinn Malley

The Vincetti Brothers

A Kids Book

The Scorpion Swam

A Norwegian In The Family

Valley Of Red Shadows

The Super 7

The Edge Of The Shone

The Custodian's Bitch



The Grand & The Glorious

Baby & Buddy

Center Of Mass

Paths Of An Other

The System

Plays- 100

First Folio (37)

The Thing After Death

If God Were Alive

Big Al's Gina


A Persuasion Gentler


Maybe After He's Gone

Brief Candles

The Second Woman

Janey Fitz

A Matter Of Propinquity

Beechwood Park

These Lesser Weathers Of Beethoven

Hung Up On A Dream

A Woman Of No Consequence


A Rose For Emily


Subject To The Same

Obscurer Selvages

The Honey Of Common Summer

Eye Other Than Human

Not Reached By The Frost

Friends Of Mine

This Living Hand

She And Not The Sea

Eyes Closed Misunderstanding

A Remembered Field

Their Visible Dimensions

People, Without Souvenir

Sapphire, Like This

Of Carbohydrates And Amino Acids

Janelle's Red Ya-Ya

It Turns Out To Be Here

The Medium Is This

The Brute Material

Peace Will Be Evil


Second Folio (27)


This Quintessence Of Dust

One Autumnal Face


This Unalterable Animal

Aught That Looks Like Death

Another January 9th 

The Still Standing Domino

The Drake Equation


Tragedy And The Vast

Genghis Khan And The Tangut Anemone

Reasons, But Not The Reason

Ogadai Khan And The Milt Of The Golden Horde

Nothing Like Us Ever Was

Dagger Which I See

We Are Process

How Much Room For Memory

Kubla Khan And The Prester John Parallax

Long And Long Ago

Whispers Antiphonal

As If A Promontorie

Nor Honey And Milk

Destiny Unperplexed

Transhuman Things

Unaccountable Loneliness

Two Fools

Infinite Consanguinity


Third Folio (36)


A Notch Of Eternity

Of Men Elsewhere

These Regalia, These Things

The Night's Slow Poison

The Mind, Never

A Sad Bell Somewhere

White Buffalo

Only Was His Only

These Studious Ghosts

Long Night Of The Mind

The Last Nostalgia

Lo, Lord, Thou Ridest

A Sophisticated Fire

Nor Success Make Proud

Such Impliant Clay

Of Earth We Make

Love In Its Shower

Mark But This

Across Wide Water

A Dream Animal

Yellow Evening

A Shadow Among Shadows

106 Northwest

A Grace Of His Own

A Dozen Enclaves Of Enskyment

A Fleshless Door

A Snail's Eye

Bent Toward Some Flashing

The Pandora Of Her Mind

A Man Of Confidence

John Gneisenau Neihardt Speaks


Meet The I

The Way Of John

The Magpie Egg

7 Boulders From The Mountain


Editor (3)


THE Minneapolis Poet: Bruce Ario: Selected Poems, 1980-2022

Final Poems, by Bruce Ario

Cityboy: A Novel: The Restoration Version

Jessica Schneider's Arts Résumé

In 2012, Jessica's story, Sandwiches From Home, was a featured selection of the 2012 Million Writers Award Anthology.

Blog: Pandu's Season

Examiner.com: http://www.examiner.com/x-15762-Austin-Cultural-Events-Examiner 

Jess's Associated Content Page: http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/450989/jessica_schneider.html 

Jess's Helium Page: http://www.helium.com/users/71200 

Hear Jess on the Hirschfield & Kula radio show! (Segment 2)


Hear Jess on the BBC Richard Bacon radio show! (5/19/09)


Published in Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Published Essays/Fiction

Featured writer in online journal StorySouth, 2006, "Letters From Mercury"

Short Story “Sandwiches From Home” Published in Pittsburgh Quarterly, Fall, 200 5

Short Story “The Security Of Shared Recipes” Published in StickYourNeckOut.com, Spring, 200 5

Short Story “The Myth And The Mountain” Published in Hackwriters, March, 2005

Short Story “Apoptosis” Published in UnlikelyStories, Summer, 2004

Short Story “O For Art’s Sake!” Published in Manifest, Spring, 2004

Essay on Women Writers/Chick Lit Published in Hackwriters, Winter, 2004


Published Poems


“Telling the Nightingales” in Sidereality, Summer, 2003

“September”, “Sister Ophelia” in Tryst, Summer, 2003

“Insomniac,” “Chia” in Voices, Spring, 2003

“Over Tree Roots, Wandering”, “Eleven A.M.” in Pierian Springs, Winter, 2002.

“Ruth” in Paumanok Review, Fall, 2002.

“Another Woman”, “Lawrence”, “Lunar Sonnet”, and “The Gesture of Seasons” in Stride Magazine, UK, Fall, 2002.

“In Rivers” in Ache Magazine, 1st Edition, 15,000 circulation in the Twin Cities area. August, 2002.

“Dustina”, “Labyrinth”, and “Orchid Abstract” in Eclectica, July, 2002.

“From the Box of the Zoo Fox”, “Of Una Jeffers”, and “Remanent Theory of Asteroids” in Avatar Review, Summer, 2001.

“And God Only Lets Me Live To Sang About It”, “Gala and the Cliff”, “In Time, Andree Rexroth”, “Una, Instead”,   “Extension for Her” and other poems in Cosmoetica, Spring, 2001.

“Eleven AM” and “Wild Poppies” in Flash! Point, Summer, 1999.




Poetry- 1




Short Fiction- 6


Orchids & Afterthoughts

This I You

Ghost Continents

Admissions & Uncertainties

The Salt & The Storm

Idiots & Morons


Novels- 20



Real Plastic Rose

Quick With Flies

Rise The Magicians

Harlots & Starlets

High Earth

The Winky Tales

The Architecture Of Loss

Sum Of A Life

Sounds With Song

Comic Fantasia On A Loser


Human Stuff

His Imperial Skill


The Inland Sea


Pandu's Season

Sparrow Country

The Vanishing Spider


Plays- 2


Les Fleurs D'Esprit

Open Eight Days


Related Experience

Regular attendee of the Uptown Poetry Group, the longest running poetry group in the Twin Cities- October, 1999- October 2004.

Books Editor for Monsters And Critics

Freelance book reviewer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Blogcritics, and Popmatters.

Contributor to Helium and Associate Content.

Austin Cultural Events Examiner for Examiner.com.

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