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Len's Den:  The Latest Musings From Len Holman's Corner Of The Cosmos

A Big Shock


A Distant Drummer


Age, Wisdom And Failure


A Glimmer In The Dark


Almost-Free Speech


Amazing Babies


America And Her Guns


A Modest Neighborhood Proposal


A Narrow World


Arm The Deer


Austerity Blues


Automatic Writing




Back To The Classroom?


Behind The Curtain


Bernie's Magic Mirror


Big Man, Big Trouble


Black Everyday


Bogeyman Politics


Budget Woes Hurt Everyone


Butterflies And Republicans


But Who'll Clean The Toilets?


Called By God


Candidates, Fix Your Faces!


Can We Put Up With Anything?


Chicken Parts


Cincinnatus, Call Home


Confucius And Whorf


Craving, Karma, And A Seat In Parliament


Crowded Democracy


Cutting The Fat


Death By A Thousand Gnat-Bites


Deity Test


Democracy And The Age Of Magical Thinking


Distance From Death


Don't Ask, Don't Tell


Driving Your Algorithm To Work


Every Six Feet


Fewer Boots, Less Robots


Free Speech Is A Lap Dance




God Must Love Football


Good Government By Accident




Health Concerns


Hearts, Minds, Votes


Hillary's Horror


Holiday Wars


Holy Words, Public Laws


If Not Nelson, Then Joan


Information: Control, Divide And Conquer


In Search Of A Problem


In The Thrall Of Sanctions


Iran's Nukes


Islam's First Cougar?


It's About The Job


It's Alive!


It's All In The Numbers


It's For Electricity...Really!


Judgment First, Then Facts


Kids And Breasts


Kim, Confucius, And A President








Look Outside


Make Them Pick Up The Garbage


Making It Easier


Manifest Destiny, Redux


Might As Well Bomb


Money's Bad Reputation


Naked Bungee Jumping


Navigating The Election Path


Nightlights And Imagination


No Breathing Today


No End-Game Zone


Not Enough Fingers


No One Ever Looks Up


No Predicate


Now It's Zombies


Olympus On Earth

On The Beach




Our Official Language


Ozymandias Redux?


Paul Isn't Dead


Pesky Language


Pinpricks And The Elephant


Please Make It Stop


Polls, Not Thought


Pre-emptive Strike


Preying In The Schools


Public Service Announcements


Ranking Obama


Reach Out And Touch Something


Religion Warriors Know Who You Are


Remembering Privacy


Responsible Procreation


Sarah Seeks Yang


School For Zealots: Part One


School For Zealots: Part Two


Selling The Cola


Semper Fi Michele


Sisters In Arms


Slow-Motion Apocalypse


State Of Nuttiness


Taster's Choice


Tea Party Checklist


Tech Addiction


Technology Anyway


Tell Us Where To Go


Terms Not So Endearing


The Architecture Of Dread


Theater Of The Absurd


The Big Man


The Birth Of The Blues


The Book Of Jobs


The Chinese Lose Their Character


The Elephant And The Ants


The First Amendment And Funerals


The Grateful Dead


The Green And The Gray


The Heart Fears Darkness


The Kids Are Alright


The Name Game


The Nanny State


The Never Ending War


The Next Step


The Powers Of God


The Real Vampires


The Silence Of The Hands


They're Called 'Debates'


Three Hands


Three Years


To Madison And Beyond!




Ultimate Reality


Uncle Mortie's Picnic


Vinny 'The Hack'


Voters And Burgers


Voter's Dilemma


Voting: Democracy's Con


Walter, We Miss You


War Is War


Warning: Racism Ahead


We, Of The Middle Class


We Still Produce Them


What Happened To Islam?


What TV Could Do


When A Civilization Crumbles


When A Privilege Is A Bribe


When Life Begins


When The First One Falls


When Wal-Mart Comes To Call


Where Is The Emerald City?


Where Will Muslims Go To Plot?


Whither America's Freedoms?


Who Is A Teacher?


Who's Next?


Why Are We Still Listening?


Winning Isn't Everything


Yeats Was Right

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